Data leak prevention

Data Leak Prevention

With increasing frequency and severity, more and more organizations are becoming victims of high-profile leaks that started with a simple click of the Send button. What are often unintentional leaks are compounded by the efforts of malicious activity from both insiders and externals whose goal it is to use the information for illicit purposes. Most data leaks and targeted attacks - inadvertent or intentional - occur at the endpoint and many of these are generated internally. Unmanaged removable media and applications can easily open the floodgates for data to escape into the wrong hands.

Today’s security professionals face a daunting challenge: Protect the organization’s most valuable asset, its information, amidst widespread investment in new, more efficient communication technologies. As organizations invest in new business systems and processes to exchange critical information to, from and about customers, partners, and employees in real time, more opportunity exists for information leaks.

Info Sys Asia provides Data Loss Prevention for your organization - regardless of where your employees or your critical information reside. It can scan every file on every PC in your organization to uncover where confidential Data At Rest resides as well as prevent confidential Data In Motion from leaking out (via email / attachments, USB devices, web postings, etc.
ISA  can identify and protect sensitive information no matter where it's being accessed. It operates preemptively to keep your organization continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threat landscape. ISA is installed at the desktop level and reports back over encrypted HTTPS protocols, instead of over the network. This is crucial since it streamlines the process of detecting and blocking any unauthorized attempts to move data outside the organization. Simply put, ISA builds a protective circumference around each computer in your organization, rather than just network traffic.


By leveraging our vast experience in Data Leak Prevention, our customers acquired the following benefits:
  • Recommend best fit solution using Technology Centers of Excellence
  • Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • 10% increase in Productivity by using Solution Accelerators and Reusable components library
  • Reduced quality assurance costs using our efficient design reviews, automated code reviews and unit testing methodologies.
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