Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management is a term used to describe technology that companies use to attempt to limit the ability of end-users to manipulate and copy the computer data that their game consists of. Methods for such piracy prevention are varied, but generally involve restricting installation and file protocols in an attempt to make the game harder to copy, steal, or in some cases, even modify

Digital Rights Management is important to publishers of electronic media since it helps ensure they will receive the appropriate revenue for their products. By controlling the trading, protection, monitoring, and tracking of digital media, DRM helps publishers limit the illegal propagation of copyrighted works. This can be accomplished by using digital watermarks or proprietary file encryption on the media they distribute. Whatever method publishers choose to employ, DRM helps them make sure that their digital content is only used by those who have paid for it.

Info Sys Asoa protects your business from the information misuse, intellectual property theft, and privacy leaks that continue to plague the public and private sectors. These damaging problems have become more common as a result of the ease with which information can be copied and distributed via email, USB drive, or other means.ISA enhances the security of the OpenText repository by adding protection that follows content no matter where it goes.

The purpose of DRM technology is to control access to, track and limit uses of digital works. These controls are normally imbedded in the work and accompany it when it is distributed to the consumer. DRM systems are intended to operate after a user has obtained access to the work. It is in this “downstream” control over consumeruse of legitimately acquired works that DRM presents serious issues for libraries and users.

Key Feature:

  • First sale
  • Pay-per-use
  • Time limits
  • Fair use
By leveraging our vast experience in Digital Rights Management, our customers acquired the following benefits:
  • Recommend best fit solution using Technology Centers of Excellence
  • Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • 10% increase in Productivity by using Solution Accelerators and Reusable components library
  • Reduced quality assurance costs using our efficient design reviews, automated code reviews and unit testing methodologies.
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