Indentity and Access Management

Indentity and Access Management

To keep the pace with the requirement, Enterprises are deploying an ever-increasing number of applications with incompatible security models, inconsistent management of identities and different auditing mechanisms— resulting in inefficiencies, increased risk of identity theft and unauthorized access, and failure to meet regulatory compliance. ISA’s Identity and Access Management Practice provides increased focus to secure the organization and protect confidential and personal data with a comprehensive and focused approach combined with robust solutions and services.

ISA provides the industry’s most comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform. Using a business-driven approach,ISA solution integrates access governance, provisioning, authentication, and single sign-on (SSO) in one platform.  Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the platform reduces risk and complexity while improving security, visibility, and compliance.


Organizations face significant challenges in identity and access management. The numbers of both internal and external users are expanding. Being able to answer the question of “who are you?” is foundational to all digital and physical access management.  Managing privileges and associating them with the provisioning of services, assets and access is a complex and difficult process.  Shutting those privileges down when roles change or an employee leaves the organization is equally crucial to the security of your systems and information.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) facilitates timely, accurate, and secure access to electronic services for all members of the university community. IAM improves the information technology environment in a variety of ways, including:



By leveraging our vast experience in Indentity and Access Management, our customers acquired the following benefits:
  • Recommend best fit solution using Technology Centers of Excellence
  • Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • 10% increase in Productivity by using Solution Accelerators and Reusable components library
  • Reduced quality assurance costs using our efficient design reviews, automated code reviews and unit testing methodologies.
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