H-Antivirus plus

H-Antivirus Plus

H Antivirus plus a comprehensive antivirus protection tool that will keep your PC safe from known and unknown threats, its real-time protection the easy-to-use antivirus product for your PC (Personal Computer) with a highly-optimized antivirus engine and the combination of proactive defense techniques. To protect your computer against unknown threats, H Antivirus plus constantly analyzes the activity of running applications and warns you if any of them tries to perform a malicious action The unique Active Defense is the innovative feature that can supply real-time protection against unknown threats.

H Antivirus plus prevents viruses from being copied to the disks. Monitors and blocks attempts to modify system files Protects your identity: shop, bank and browse privately. Skips safe files for better scan speed & lower CPU load. Laptop mode prolongs battery life of laptops & netbooks & nettops. Avoids user interactions during game play

With very inque software features include automatic updates - Ensures very latest virus database. Real time scanning - Scans your computer all time for any potential virus threats. Email Scanning - Automatically scans all incoming and outgoing emails and attachments for email borne virus and malware attacks. Spyware Protection - protects your computer from unwanted programs such as trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, keyloggers from installing themselves. Enhanced and fastest scan engine to protect you PC from virus threats and malicious software.

If you're ready to plow ahead with the default scan, just click Next. If you'd like to do some customizing, the Settings button will take you to a variety of menus that let you control how the program operates.you may also select quick scan option to get the quick respoonce and make your computer virus free.


  •   Keep your personal compuer virus free
  •    Protact your computer from unwanted source.
  •    Update database
  •    Flexibility: Enable Windows to run more smoothly with a clean Registry.
  • Quck Scan
  • System information
  • Registry checkup
  • Free virus protection and Secure Your Computer.
  • Malware and virus removal service.
  • Trojan removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Antivirus for Safeguard against Infection.
By leveraging our vast experience in H Antivirus +, our customers acquired the following benefits:
  • Recommend best fit solution using Technology Centers of Excellence
  • Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • 10% increase in Productivity by using Solution Accelerators and Reusable components library
  • Reduced quality assurance costs using our efficient design reviews, automated code reviews and unit testing methodologies.
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